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Professional Development

Opportunities that fit your schedule!

Explore great opportunities to harness the Internet as a vehicle for learning. Courses delivered online enable you to earn professional development credit from home or school at times convenient for you.

Each course incorporates high-quality educational content, innovative instructional strategies, visual and interactive educational components and access to the informational resources of the Internet to provide an extraordinary virtual classroom experience.

Choose between instructor-led courses and independent study courses that allow you to complete course requirements at your own pace. 

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Approved through Region 4 Education Service Center

Web Instructor's Certification Part I (WICC I)

Professional development focusing on the mastery of skills needed to be effective as an online teacher.. Each training is 5 weeks in length and totally online with an optional face-to-face session. Printable Syllabus here

ONLY Part I is required to teach for TxVSN course providers. View brochure.

Summer Session(s): May 26 - June 27, 2014

Cost: $500.00

Register Now! Session # 1021305

"I took the class because it was required for me in order to be authorized to teach online courses. I wasn't overly excited about taking the class but the trainers were so great that I actually will completely rethink the way that I do things in my classes and implement a ton of the ideas presented to me to teach an online course." Mark R. (Teacher)

Web Instructor's Certification Part II (WICC II)

Part II focuses on instructional design and the development of interactive online courses.  View Syllabus here. View brochure.

Prerequisite: Participant must have successfully completed WICC Part I.

Note: This is a Region 4 certification of completion, not a state mandated certification for teaching online. For more information, contact TVS Administrator.

Next Session: Pending

Session #

Cost: $600.00

"Unexpectedly, I learned more about myself and my teaching style and expectations as a result of this training. The new knowledge and skills I acquired will make me a better teacher. I can't wait to get back in the classroom (regular/online) this fall!" (Web Instructor Training Participant

Online Teaching: It IS for Me! (Skills Assessment)

This training is designed to meet the needs of those who are experienced web-based instructors. Each part is based on iNACOL Standards for Quality Online Teaching. View brochure

"The design of this course, with the open-entry/open-exit within a two-week period requirement, worked well for me.  Knowing, too well, that unexpected issues might occur, I was very motivated to work on this course, and its design and layout grabbed my attention at the beginning." Sue P. (Advanced Online Instructor)

Part I: Skills Assessment (REQUIRED) provides pre-training inclusive participant skills assessment.
Cost: $200.00
Note: Part II and/or Part III may be assigned based on Skill Assessment results.

Contact TVS Administrator for registration information.


Sessions are scheduled per request

Cost: $100.00

Click Here to Register Online for Liaisonics use the Session # listed below for each date
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Online course designed for campus contacts and counselors of online students.

Master the skills needed for mentoring, selecting, and advising students taking online courses.

This two-week course is conducted totally online with no required face-to-face meeting. (6 CPE)

"...for someone who hasn't ever experienced an online course, this is a great way to understand what actually goes on in one. Liaisons need to know how online courses work, in addition to their own role-specific information in order to support the students who will be taking these online courses." Sherry M. (Library/Media Specialist)

"I think this a great way for teachers and facilitators to learn about online courses in the format and style that their students in online classes will experience." Jolie T. (Teacher)

"Anyone who is going to be a liaison or class instructor should really take this course." Laura L. (Counselor)