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Denmark-Texas Collaborative Project

Global Learning
Communication, Collaboration, and Culture

TVS students participate in Collaborative Project with Students in Denmark

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Left to Right:
Fr. Jose Losoya (Oratory, Assistant Principal, Counselor, Project Sponsor), Linda Behling Gillis (TVS Coordinator), Lars Jensen (Roskilde, Teacher, Project Coordinator), Bente Jensen (Roskilde, Teacher, Bb Consultant), Fr. Mario Aviles (Oratory, Principal), Ulla Sorensen (Roskilde, Department Head), Izkra Diaz (Oratory, Campus Coordinator, Project Sponsor), Scott Kampmeier (Blackboard K-12 Regional Sales Manager-OK and TX) Carstens Nielsen (Roskilde, Head of Development) and Jane Prasestbro Nielsen (Roskilde, Teacher, Project Sponsor)